- Consular Section of the Embassy

Head of the Consular Section: Mr. Fernando Marcos 

E-mail: seul@mne.pt

Note: 비자 관련 방문예약 및 모든 영사과 관련 문의는 반드시 이메일을 통해 주시기 바랍니다.

            이메일 발송 후 48시간 이내에 영사과에서 회신합니다. 

           All queries and appointments related to consular issues (including VISA) are processed via emails ONLY.

           The Consular Section will reply within 48-hour working time.

Working hours of Consular Section: Mon-Thu, 9H30 to 11H30


- Honorary Consulate in Busan

Honorary Consul: Mr. Eui-ku Kang

5F, 65, Haegwan-ro, Jung-gu, Busan

Tel: 051-441-2988

* 부산명예영사관에서는 비자 등 영사업무 하지 않습니다. 

   Our Honorary Cosulate in Busan does not handle any Consular issues.


What a consular post can do for you

  1. Issue a provisional travel document in the event of the loss or theft of a passport, after confirming his or her nationality and upon delivery of the respective declaration issued by the police;
  2. Put you in touch with family and friends, or someone who’ll help you, by sending money or by issuing a valid travel certificate (temporary passport);
  3. Promote repatriation to Portugal, in exceptional circumstances, after exhausting all other means, by signing a commitment to repay to the Portuguese Government the amount spent;
  4. Help you get in touch with local lawyers, interpreters, doctors, as needed;
  5. Facilitate contact with the next of kin to inform them in the event of an accident or other situations, and advise them on the procedures to adopt;
  6. Visit you in case of detention and inform your family members, only at your request;
  7. To provide necessary and possible assistance to Portuguese citizens abroad, in accordance with the laws in force in the Republic of Korea and in accordance with international law, of which the country is a signatory.


- In case of theft, if you are without your money or any other object, you should report the incident to the local police (in the Republic of Korea called the "Korean National Police") and request a declaration of loss or theft;

- In case of death of one of the participants in the trip, it will be up to the relatives or friends to establish immediate contact with the Portuguese Embassy;

- If you are arrested and (or) charged with a serious crime, request the Korean authorities to inform the Embassy of Portugal. You will be contacted as soon as possible by a consular officer who will arrange to inform you about:

                       - Legal procedures to be followed;

                       - Access to legal counsel.

- We advise the users, at the time of the consular registration, to display their passport in order for us to know the date of entry into the Republic of Korea;

- No Portuguese citizen can enter or leave the country without holding a passport with a validity of more than 6 months;

- Take into account the cultural differences between Korea and Portugal in order to avoid misunderstandings and situations that may cause inconvenience;

- The use of credit cards in Korea is easy and widespread. They can be used in most situations.

What a consular post cannot do for you:

  1. Release you from prison or intervene in legal proceedings;
  2. Investigate a crime;
  3. Pay you a lawyer or a doctor;
  4. Pay hotel, medical, judicial or any other bills;
  5. To pay, even partially, funerals and (or) transfer of corpse;
  6. Pay for travel documents, except in very special circumstances;
  7. Undertake any actions that should naturally be carried out by travel agencies, airlines or banks;
  8. Obtain accommodation, work or a work permit;
  9. Formally assist citizens with dual nationality (in this specific case, Portuguese and Korean) when citizens live in the Republic of Korea.

NOTE: This consular post issues the Identity Card.




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