embaixadorI would like to greet and welcome you to the website of the Portuguese Embassy in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

It is for me a great honour to serve as Ambassador of Portugal to the Republic of Korea, a country with whom we have a long and privileged relationship of more than four centuries, with many old references to Korea registered not only in the Portuguese cartography of the discoveries as well as in the texts of that time, especially those of the Portuguese Jesuit priests. According to references and reports from Portuguese and Korean sources, the first Portuguese to arrive in Korea landed in the country between the middle of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century. In this context, the first European in Korea would have been a Portuguese merchant named João de Mendes in 1604 and already on the map of the Portuguese cartographer Manuel Godinho of 1615, the east sea of the Korean Peninsula is called "Mar Coria".

In our most recent relationship, the two countries celebrated the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations on April 16, 2011. It is the duty and responsibility of the Embassy to continually promote the knowledge and cooperation between both countries, for which it relies on the contribution of all those who for any reason of their personal or professional life come into contact with the reality of the relationship between the two countries. Our mission is to honor, preserve, cultivate and develop this relationship of centuries.

We will try to make this space useful, attractive and dynamic for all users, for those who are looking for information about Portugal or for those who want to communicate with us, to find out about the activities we carry out and the services we provide in several areas of administration.

We want this to be a place for promoting, informing, disseminating and bringing together citizens, companies and institutions from both countries, in the service of the Portuguese and Korean people. Send us your views, comments and suggestions, either by direct contact or through email address.


Manuel Gonçalves de Jesus

Ambassador of Portugal in Seoul





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