On occasion of the celebration of the 90th Anniversary of the Camões, I.P., a commemorative session took place on 1 March at the Camões, I.P. Auditorium, in Lisbon.

The ceremony, presided by the Prime Minister, António Costa, enjoyed the participation of the President of Camões, I.P., Luís Faro Ramos and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Augusto Santos Silva.

During the ceremony, a Study on the Employability of the Portuguese Language in Africa and the New Atlas of the Portuguese Language (with translations into Spanish, French and Mandarin) by Luís Reto, Professor at ISCTE-IUL were presented, as well as the periodical “Camões em Rede”, by João Neves, Member of the Directive Council of Camões, I.P.. A Mural by the Portuguese artist Vhils (Alexandre Farto) was also inaugurated at the event.

There was also a screening of a video on the 90th Anniversary of this Institute, which is available here.

More information (in Portuguese only) and photos of the Ceremony of the 90th Anniversary of Camões, I.P. are available at the following link: https://www.instituto-camoes.pt/sobre/comunicacao/noticias/sessao-comemorativa-90-anos

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