Portuguese Film Festival 2019 is just around the corner! 

From Thu, Oct 17 to Sun, Oct 27 

At Cinemateque Seoul Art Cinema in Jongro 3-ga

Sponsored by Embassy of Portugal in Seoul and Camões Instituto 

Please refer to the webpage www.cinematheque.seoul.kr for more details

I) Pedro Costa Special 
    “The Rabbit Hunters” (Pedro Costa, 2007, 23min)
    “Our Man” (Pedro Costa, 2010, 24min)
    “In Vanda's Room” (Pedro Costa, 2000, 170min)
    “Colossal Youth” (Pedro Costa, 2006, 156min)
    “Ne Change Rien” (Pedro Costa, 2009, 98min)
    Horse Money (Pedro Costa, 2014, 103min)
    “Vitalina Varela” (Pedro Costas, 2019, 124min)
    “Sacavém” (Julio Alves, 2013, 65min)

2) Portuguese latest movies 
    “Here in Lisbon” (Gabriel Abrantes, Denis Cote, Maire, Losier, Dominga Sotomayor Castillo, 2015, 85min)
    “Pilgrimage” (Joao Botelho, 2017, 108min)
    “A Portuguese Woman” (Rita Azevedo Moges, 2018, 136min)

We encourage your participation in the Portuguese Film Festival 2019!

2019 portugal poster 2

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